Five Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Five Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

When it comes to protecting our planet, it takes everyone doing their share. If you are interested in green living in Castro Valley apartments, then here are a few inexpensive ways that you can go green and do your part to help the Earth. Turn off your computer! Even if you aren't using the computer, it sucks up energy to keep it on. Shutting down a … [Read more...]

5 Organizing Tips for Maximizing Your Apartment Space

Furnish Your Apartment at Connolly's Furniture

Unless you’re spending tons of money on rent each month you probably don’t have tons and tons of space. That’s just the way it is in apartment, and for most people, organization is important. If you feel like you’re being crowded out by your stuff or you just think you could be better organized, use these five tips to get you there. You’ll like … [Read more...]

Cool Down This Summer in One of Our Community Swimming Pools


Our apartments with swimming pools for rent in Castro Valley are the perfect spot for you and your family to cool down this summer and beat the heat.  You can spend time lounging by the pool working on your tan, getting some exercise doing laps in the pool, playing pool games with your kids, or just enjoying the afternoon in the fresh air and … [Read more...]

Find the Perfect Dining Table for Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

The Cedars

Finding the perfect dining table for the space in your apartment can present a fun challenge as you search for the perfect piece to complete your room. With plenty of shopping near Castro Valley apartments, you won't need to venture far to find what you're looking for, but it helps to have an idea of what you want before you start searching. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Enjoy These 3 Party Games at Your Next Get Together

Enjoy These 3 Party Games at Your Next Get Together

Here at The Cedars, we want our residents to experience the best of apartment living in Castro Valley. We aim to bring you tips and tricks to make your apartment your dream home. Of course, no home is complete without the ability to entertain family and friends. We've teamed up the apartment living experts at Apartment Therapy to bring you some party … [Read more...]

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With These 3 Design Ideas

Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger With These 3 Design Ideas

Apartment decorating ideas can be applied to every room in your home. Follow these three design ideas to make your bathroom look bigger. Remove cabinet doors When you have a small bathroom, the cabinet doors can add some weight to your bathroom. To lighten up your space, take off your cabinet doors. You can store your toiletries in baskets, so … [Read more...]

Conserve Water in Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

The Cedars

Summer is upon us and with the weather getting warmer, now is a great time to start thinking about water conservation. If you're looking for water conservation ideas in Castro Valley,CA consider these helpful tips. Make sure nothing is leaking. A big problem with wasting water is that many of us overlook leaky faucets. If we can stop the leak, we can … [Read more...]

How to Do Your Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

How to Do Your Grocery Shopping When You're Hungry

Apartment living in Castro Valley means you have a lot of great places to do your shopping, many of them only minutes away! The problem occasionally comes up of having to go to the grocery store when you're hungry. That is usually considered a no-no.  However, if you're armed with a few tips, these trips can be accomplished without buying everything in the … [Read more...]

Looking for Great Chinese Food? Check Out Eastern Winds

Looking for Great Chinese Food Check Out Eastern Winds

In the continental U.S., California is as close to China as you can get, but it's still quite a swim. If you don't have a swimsuit handy, and you're in the Hayward area, you can just head to Eastern Winds and not even mess up your hair. Eastern Winds is an upscale, Chinese dining experience that offers all the American-style Chinese food that you … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips for Getting Your Apartment Cleaned Up

Tips for Getting Your Apartment Cleaned Up

Spring comes in March, that means the weather starts getting nice. You apartment home should follow suit. It's a wonderful feeling coming home to a clean place with no worries of allergens or dust. You might need a few apartment spring cleaning tips for this to happen, and we're  happy to list some. Three apartment spring cleaning tips that take very … [Read more...]