3 Clues That the Closet in Your Castro Valley Apartment Needs to Be Organized

Closet Organization

So you have spent a lot of time getting your kitchen organized, but what about your closet? You may not realize just how badly your closet needs revamping, or you may be overwhelmed by the thought of re-organizing. Knowing what's wrong with your closet is the first step. Here are 3 clues that you need to get in there and get organized. It may be a … [Read more...]

Green Living: 3 Green Living Tips for Your Castro Valley Apartment

Recycling Aluminum Cans

Green living in Castro Valley apartments is simplified at The Cedars with the incorporation and energetic accommodation of green living technologies. Follow a few simple lifestyle philosophies and live guilt free with the knowledge that you aren’t contributing to the world’s environmental problems. Reduce and reuse before recycling. You may … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day in Oakland on April 26

The Cedars

Clean it. Green it. Mean it. Such is the philosophy behind Oakland Earth Day on Saturday, April 26, 2014.One of Oakland spring events, volunteers from all over the Oakland area help beautify the city's parks, creeks, streets and waterways. Activities include trash pickup, removal of graffiti, planting, pruning and weeding. Here are just a few of the … [Read more...]

Our One Bedroom Castro Valley Apartments Provide Great Space and Function

The Cedars

Looking for an apartment that will suit all you want can be tricky. There are two main things you would be looking for, function and space. You want to be comfortable in your apartment and know that it works well for you. Our one bedroom Castro Valley apartments provide both great space and function. It is the perfect apartment for providing … [Read more...]

Have a Great Spring Picnic at Don Castro Regional Picnic Near Our Castro Valley Apartments

The Cedars

One of the benefits of spring arriving, is being able to get outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Why not gather some friends and family and head out for a beautiful spring picnic? You can have a great spring picnic at Don Castro Regional Park near our Castrol Valley Ca apartments. It is a beautiful park that is an urban oasis. When going to the park, … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Spring Bloom at the Japanese Gardens in Hayward

The Cedars

One of the best things about moving into our Hayward, CA apartment community is that there are many wonderful Hayward CA attractions to look forward to. As the spring season is quickly approaching, you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous sights of flowers blooming at the Japanese Gardens in Hayward Area and Recreation Park District. The Hayward … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Keeping the Spring Pollen Off Your Car

The Cedars

The greenery and blooming flowers in spring make for a beautiful landscape, but they also release a lot of pollen that causes sneezing and sniffling. Taking precautions to keep pollen off of your car and out of its interior prevents an allergy attack on the way to work. Practice these spring health tips for easier breathing. Your cabin air filter … [Read more...]

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Serve in Your Castro Valley Apartment

The Cedars

In order to be healthy, you need to start your day with a good breakfast. There are so many benefits to eating a good breakfast. You should try eating some really good and healthy breakfast recipes. Here are 3 healthy breakfast ideas you can serve in your Castro Valley Apartments. For a good source of protein, try making some poached eggs. There … [Read more...]

5 Smart and Easy Kitchen Organization Tips for Your Castro Valley Apartment

The Cedars

If there is one room that needs organization the most, it would be the kitchen. It is also difficult to organize the kitchen because of the variety of sized items it contains. There are many different ways you can organize your Castro Valley apartments kitchen. Here are 5 smart and easy way kitchen organizational tips. When it comes to pantry … [Read more...]

Get Your Casto Valley Apartment’s Balcony Ready for Spring

The Cedars

Designing the decor for Castro Valley apartments should extend to your balcony. There are so many fun, interesting and challenging ideas that you can try to make it a useable and liveable space. Here are some ways to get your balcony ready for spring. For a beautiful minimalist look consider a specific color theme, like bold or muted colors and … [Read more...]