Stay Clutter Free in Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

The Cedars

When you walk into your apartment, what do you see? Are your mail, keys, laundry, shoes, and other items all strewn about? If you are tired of seeing clutter everywhere, here are five ways you can restore order to your apartment: Out it goes: If you haven't used it or thought of it in a year, then donate it. You won't miss it. One for one: When … [Read more...]

5 Fun Party Games Great for Your Summer Gathering

The Cedars

Throwing a party can be a great way to spend time with your friends this summer. There are lots of ways to have a fun party at your luxury apartment. Here are a few tips on apartment living in Castro Valley CA on how you can add some fun games into the mix at your summer gathering. Grab someone's phone and get ready for 'camera hot potato.' Set a … [Read more...]

Save Money This Summer With These 3 Staycation Ideas

Enjoy These 3 Party Games at Your Next Get Together

When you are looking for things to do in Castro Valley, CA, don't forget about vacation planning. You can save a lot of money with these three staycation ideas. Plan some bike rides. Take a weekend this summer and spend it bike riding. Check out other neighborhoods, visit some park trails and greenways, or just ride around town. You can also do some … [Read more...]

Our Community Laundry Facilities Makes Laundry Day Easy

Our Community Laundry Facilities Make Laundry Day Easy

Perhaps the best part about living at The Cedars is being able to benefit from our ongoing efforts to maximize the comfort and convenience of our residents. One example is our community laundry facilities, which are situated on our site so as to minimize our residents' transit times. Of course, location is not the sole upside to making use of our … [Read more...]

Create More Storage in Your Bathroom With These 4 Tips

The Cedars

Bathrooms can easily become disorganized. This unfortunate fact is just one of the many things we have to learn to accept. This does not, however, mean that we can't fix the problem when it arises. To increase storage space, get rid of stuff. If you are looking for storage solutions for bathrooms, then here are some tips on what you absolutely need in your … [Read more...]

How Meal Planning Can Save You Money on Groceries

Find the Freshest Fruits and Veggies at Castro Valley Farmer's Market

Grocery shopping can sometimes feel like a hassle. On top of that, it feels like we are spending an arm and a leg every time that we go to the store. There are lots of great grocery shopping ideas that can save you money. Here are a few hints to help you out. Plan out your meals. The biggest mistake many of us make when we go to the store is that we … [Read more...]

Have a Old School Meal at BLVD Burger & Grill

Have a Old School Meal at BLVD Burger & Grill

Sometimes the craving for a burger just hits out of nowhere. Or if you’re like some people, you’ve pretty much got a permanent craving for a burger! No matter which one fits your profile, you know that nothing is going to satisfy that craving except a juicy, high-quality burger. The next time you need a burger make sure you check out BLVD Burger & … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Burger at BLVD Burger & Grill in Castro Valley

Enjoy a Burger at BLVD Burger & Grill in Castro Valley

When the craving for a cheeseburger strikes nothing else is going to cut it. The best steak, the most amazing slice of pizza – they just aren’t what you want to be eating, even if they’re downright delicious and mouthwatering most of the time. When you’re in the mood for your next burger and those cravings are calling, make sure you check out Blvd. … [Read more...]

Enjoy Fishing and Swimming at Don Castro Regional Recreation Area

Enjoy Fishing and Swimming at Don Castro Regional Recreation Area

If you are looking for relaxing things to do in Castro Valley, CA, consider heading over to the Don Castro Regional Recreation Area for a little fishing and swimming. You can find the recreation area at 22400 Woodroe Avenue, which is not too far from your Cedars Apartment. There are several fishing areas along the lake, and you can usually catch … [Read more...]

Our Two Swimming Pools are for Cooling Down This Summer


Summer is here and brings with it some beautiful sunny weather, but sometimes the high temperatures can get a little tiring. When you're fed up with the warm weather, there's nothing like a swim to cool down and refresh yourself. At our Castro Valley, CA apartments with swimming pools, you'll find the perfect place to enjoy the water. The two pools … [Read more...]